Promotional Items

Marketing Campaigns to Enhance Customers’ Experience

On this page you will find examples of things we have done for our clients. Agura is full of resources, there are no limitations. Just call to tell us more about your idea, we will find you the solution.
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  • Any items you need to add in your customer shopping bag to celebrate the launching of a product or just to be given as a “little souvenir”. Everything can be customized and need to be if you want to stay alive in your customers’ mind.
  • Special “tag” you need to add to the handle of your regular shopping bag to reinforce the message during your seasonal campaign. Let us find the right material for your design.
  • You have an anniversary coming soon, you would like to communicate on it but as usual budget is the issue for you and you don’t know where to start. Together we can find the way to solve this.


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