How We Work@

From Concept to Windows & In-store Displays

Agura HK works one-on-one with the client to develop the best visual merchandising and store design proposals within a given budget.


·       Concept/idea

Most of the time, Agura’s team starts working from a sketch, a rendering or any directive you give for visual merchandising and store design; integrating what you want to communicate along with the best alternatives in terms of material and manufacturing solutions.

                      Concept by Longchamp (2017 project)matériaux

We work with all kinds of materials:
wood, acrylic, plastic, MDF, glass, fabric, aluminium, steel, polystyrene, artificial vegetation, led lights, cardboard, paper, papier mâché, just name it!

Understanding that budgets will vary depending on the display duration, it might be a two-week window or two months but we have the answer for all of these demands.

Size is no problem either, we are experts in setting up small and large installations, according to need.

·       Prototype

It will give you the exact idea of what the items of your window will look like.

·       Production & Quality control

We are very serious about quality control. All the items are thoroughly checked.

·       Worldwide delivery

At the client’s convenience.Rest assured that your project will meet your needs & expectations and be delivered on-schedule.

·       Installation

Our props are built in order to be easily installed.

You want more information? Don’t hesitate contacting us.
We are here to fulfill your desires.

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