• Longchamp - Portofino

  • window display

    Dior - Winter Quilted

  • L'Occitane - Splash

  • window display

    Agatha - Holiday Season

  • Jacqueline Riu - Baubles

  • window props

    Morgan - Holiday Season

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Visual Merchandising Display & Retail Design is an art that enhances customers' experience. Agura transforms the ordinary into extraordinary ... you dream it, we make it.

Visual Merchandising Displays

The retail industry is constantly faced with the challenge of coming up with new and creative concepts for showcasing products in visual merchandising displays and in-store presentations. How will you make your merchandising displays stand out from the other displays that line the best avenues and malls in the world? Often, the challenge lies not in coming up with an idea but in being able to carry it out on a global scale.

Powerful, shop-window decoration and display props are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity to exalt a brand’s history and heritage in the customer’s eye.

AGURA HK LIMITED specializes in custom, one-of-a-kind window display props for some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world; Christian Dior, Chanel, and L’Occitane to name a few. There is an art to visual merchandising displays, the challenge is to make them unique and attractive for viewers while at the same time driving up your sales and traffic. It’s the pursuit of this art form that drives us today to push the artistic envelope and keep the best brands returning for that unique customer experience.

Manufacturing great retail display props means integrating hundreds of details from start to finish into a simple yet powerful package.

Although our creative potential is boundless, we have only one real goal: getting your customers through the door and creating an extraordinary experience for them. The power of the individual to create great things is important but it is not enough. It is necessary to have a good partner to help execute. We can confidently declare that the Agura team can do that masterfully through products that are simple, elegant, and impacting while still remaining innovative and extremely functional.

Agura is the answer for your visual merchandising displays and store-design solutions.

We will gladly create visual-merchandising installations for temporary holiday and seasonal décor needs or more permanent props for your window or in-store displays depending on your needs. No project is too big or too small. We are experienced in creating with many different types of materials: fabrics, wood, glass, PVC, cardboard, resin, rope or whatever the situation requires. Agura provides you solid leadership in retail display, with a single source for your complete merchandising display projects. Agura shares your passion and is committed to helping you connect with your clients. Through your visual merchandising display projects, your ideas become our passion and we give complete attention to creating that perfect window or in-store display.

Experience + Passion = Confidence & Success

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